SYNHEAT is a program for optimizing heat exchanger networks. The program can handle both non-isothermal and isothermal streams.

Given a set of hot streams to be cooled (non-isothermal and/or isothermal), a set of cold streams to be heated (non-isothermal and/or isothermal), heat capacity flow rates (non-isothermal), latent heat (isothermal), initial and target temperatures for each stream, and a set of hot and cold utilities with their corresponding temperatures this model generates networks where the utility cost, exchanger areas and selection of matches are optimized simultaneously to obtain the minimum annual cost.

SYNHEAT is based on the MINLP model developed by Ponce-Ortega, Jimenez-Gutierrez and Grossmann (2007) which is based on an extension of the model by Yee and Grossmann (1990); and has been developed by Rosanna Franco under the supervision of Ignacio E.Grossmann.

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